The Dinosaur Trust


Our client

My work with The Dinosaur Trust was carried out in collabortaion with GoGetOrganised. I’ve been working with this amazing charity for a while. Their goal is to find better treatments and eventually a cure for the rare disease, Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. As well as working on their website I also work in the capacity of a Virtual Assistant.

The brief

The Dinosaur Trust Website was a beautifully designed, bespoke wordpress website. Unfortunately it wasn’t easy to update and edit and the feeling was that a whole new website was needed. 

The new site needed to represent the charity while providing accurate, easy to understand information about this very complex disease. The charity is small and not in a position to provide support to the families affected by PAH (there are other charities who do that) so the website needed show that families weren’t alone but be clear that the charities focus is raising money to fund research.

The website also needed to facilitate taking donations and several videos as well as a shop feature at some point in the future. 

The Process

Taking on board branding, design and content advice from the Board of Trustees, I worked initially with the web design team at Go Get Organised on the basic layout.

I then took over the project and worked to create both the content and layout. This involved working with the Chairman of the Charity, liaising with research instututes and improving my own understanding of PAH, as well as sourcing images and working up layouts for each page.

This website was built using WordPress Gutenberg editor.

In addition to their extensive collection of videos, we also launched a podcast and video series which I recorded and edited.

I’ve also worked on improving the SEO and as a result they rank on the first page (first in many instances) of organic search rankings for specific key phrases.

The end result


The Dinosaur Trust website has changed the face of the charity. It provides scientific based information as well as sharing patient stories and sharing information about the charity. Their audience can find the information they need and find out how they can support the charity going forward.

This website has given them a strong online presence and will support the charity in their future endeavours.