Twitter launches Amazon Alexa App

Too lazy to read your own tweets?

Alexa can read you your tweets!

Good news for Twitter addicts that also happen to own an Alexa device, Amazon’s voice platform, Alexa can now read you tweets!

In less than two years since she debuted as the artificial intelligence housed within the Amazon Echo smart speaker, Amazon's voice-activated virtual assistant has seen her popularity skyrocket. The Echo is one of Amazon's top-selling gadgets and Alexa doesn't show any signs of slowing down in 2016. Demand for the upcoming Amazon Echo Dot is so high that deliveries are already backed up several months.

Now Twitter have launched their own Alexa App. The virtual assistant can now read your home Timeline to you, as well as your Mentions, Retweets, and Likes. The new app can give you general information on trends, or deliver information from your own account, says Twitter.

To get started, you’ll need to authenticate your Twitter account, then launch the app by calling aloud to her: “Alexa, open Twitter!” Then, as with other Alexa Skills, you’ll have to learn how to ask for these items, by saying things like “Alexa, ask Twitter for my own tweets,” “Alexa, ask Twitter has anyone retweeted me?,” “Alexa, ask Twitter for my Mentions,” “Alexa, ask Twitter what is happening?” and so on.

None of this seems to be a particularly efficient way to consume the rapid-fire information that’s published to Twitter’s network, but the fact that Twitter felt the need to launch an app on Alexa speaks to the growing importance of Amazon’s voice computing platform in consumer’s lives. As of June, Amazon said there were tens of thousands of developers working on Skills for Alexa, whose app store had grown to house over 1,400 of these add-ons.

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