Holy Trinity Church

Our client

Situated in Bradford on Avon, the benefice of Holy Trinity is for 3 churches. The main one being Holy Trinity in Bradford on Avon.

The brief

The Holy Trinity website was years out of date, the design hadn’t been updated for a long time – maybe 15 years. It was difficult for them to update and was full of old PDF editions of parish news.

They wanted a website that looked fersh and reflected them as a church. The other crucial thing for them was that it was easy for them to maintain and update going forward.

The Process

Aylene who works behind the scenes for the benefice was keen to be inviolved in the design process. It was her simple but effective colour palette that we used and she wanted a simple sturcture that she could easily look after going forward. We opted for a page design that followed through each page. With a large statement image at the top of each page and text box underneath.

I used the editing tool elementor to design and create the pages as its an effective design tool but is also easy for the client to pick up and run with going forward.

The end result

We delivered an upto date website that Aylene and the team at Holy Trinity can manage day to day. It has allowed Holy Trinity to engage with their community.