The first and most important stage of the design process is meeting with you, our client, to discuss and identify what your vision and requirements are for an app. After our initial meeting with our client we like to create a blueprint of the look and feel of your app. 
We will design an initial wireframe as well as sketches which will allow us to create a storyboard of your application. The storyboard will include the pages and the types of objects and images on the pages, such as drop-down, edit fields and text labels.


All our solutions are custom made. We use a development framework called RubyMotion, which allows us to re-use many libraries for IOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android in the background while creating a unique and functional front end that meets our customer’s needs and expectations.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on delivering projects to the highest of standards and for us, part of that is providing high quality customer support. We will guide all members of your team through using and supporting your apps within your business and be there to answer any questions you might have.