Cassius Network


Our client

A small tech start up in Bath. They are group of like minded people all working in tech and creating a specialised app in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning space for the independent retail investor. 

The brief

Cassius were looking for a simple one page design. The site needed to have that modern tech vibe in order to appeal to it’s audience. They were keen to use a colour palette that included dark shades and vibrant pink.

The Process

As they are a new, small organisation they needed a simple website that they can grow over time.

They liked the idea of  retro meets tech so we found them a retro font that sat well with their logo – we used this font as a statement in the first section and used plain, clear fonts for the rest of the website.

I devised then devised a striking  colour palette and designed a simple one page site. They didn’t have much in the way of images or content so we decided to use gradients and animation to achieve the modern, tech feel they wanted for the website. For this project I used Divi as the editing and design tool.

The end result

A smart looking single page that the Cassius team can build on over time.